For the first time! I was able to make them pose like this. This kind of poses is very me haha!

The girl on the first photo is Pat. That was a real candid photo because she was really tired after a fun day :) We went to Mall of Asia to Ice Skate and celebrate her 18th birthday with our…

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Passion for Fashion

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My friend Alyssa De Guzman a.k.a “LY” joined this WAGW(What A Girl Wants—clothing line)styling contest wherein you have to take a picture of their clothes styled with other items. Knowing that I’m into Photography, she requested me if I can do a photoshoot for her. So, here are some photos from the photoshoot I did for my friend Ly.

All photos or artworks © Ruth Cancio otherwise specified. Please do not steal them, use without permission, or make a profit out of them. For inquiries, kindly send an email to

Spongecola, Bloomfields, and Hilera Concert!

Friday (july 22) Spongecola, Bloomfields, and Hilera had its concert in Assumption College. This event was hosted by Channel V VJs. :D



“Imma shine…” by LY De guzman on

5 Random things about me :)

Because today I feel pretty much random, I decided to make this " 5 Random facts about me" entry :)


#1 Random Fact

When I was little, I use to be addicted to Bollywood movies. I would often cry if my parents or siblings would change the channel.Fine, I’ll admit it. I was an eccentric child. haha!I don’t know, maybe it is the music that I love so much or maybe it is those colorful costumes they wear while they dance.

#2 Random Fact

I’m maybe the last person you will think that loves make-up. I won’t blame you because I don’t always wear make-up. Most of the time, I put on make-up only during special occasions like parties or maybe some regular days wherein I like to pamper myself and feel like I’m even prettier ;p. I am not that typical “KIKAY” individual. But I have a confession to make.I just love watching make-up tutorials, hair tutorials or DIY’s in Youtube—especially make-up tutorials. And when I’m bored, I try to do it myself at home. Thanks Youtube! :p

#3 Random Fact

I am a pure Filipino and I am proud to be one. I was born here in the Philippines and my parents are both Filipinos. But other than I being from filipino descent—Ilokano and Waray-waray to be specific, I also have American and Chinese descent—mother side. Before my mother got married, her maiden name was actually “Anderson”.

#4 Random Fact

I was never confined in the hospital.I never had a major illness like chickenpox, dengue and the like. When I was young, I had asthma but it was a minor kind of asthma and I did not get those “inhaler-thingies”. As I grew up, it eventually just went away.

#5 Random Fact

I come from a family of Divers. Everyone in my family(except my lola of course) knows how to dive. Yep, beach girl typing on her blog here! My dad is actually a dive instructor.He was the one who taught me how to dive.

So there!Those are the 5 Random things about me that I want to share with you guys!Did I waste your time?(hope not)hahaha!

Now that I have shared with you guys my “5 Random thing about me”, I would also be trilled to read your own version of your “5 Random thing about me”. Like this entry and don’t wait a second to write that entry!:D

Summer Workshop in St. Andrew’s :)

As Part of our school requirement, we are expected to do 60 hours of community service.In order to fulfill this requirement, I went to St. Andrew’s the Apostle Parish in Makati and proposed a summer workshop. It was almost a month of preparation and coordinating with the parish for this summer workshop to happen.

After several weeks of waiting, the summer workshop finally started today.Today was DAY 1 of our summer workshop :) 

Below the picture is the workshop program which we failed to follow. haha. Instead of just doing the dance workshop and the cupcake making, we also played games,watched a religious movie and made “Mother’s day” cards.

The kids lining up to register for the summer workshop

The kids were given a “quiz” after watching the film to check if they listened.Almost all of them got a perfect score :D 

Day 1 summer workshop was a success—Thanks to group effort.

Ate Bianca was the favorite? 

The kids were so excited to have their pictures taken

Mother’s Day Card Making

Cupcake Making/Design :)

The Summer Workshop Volunteers :)

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around. 

Willie Nelson


It’s been a while since I posted my last entry.So here it goes…

If other people went to the beach or travelled abroad this summer,not for me(Well…not at the moment). This is what I have been doing for the pass two months. This is what I do to kill the summer boredom other than work on my nstp ;)

Me and other teens in our village have been preparing for months for the BIG DAY—Our village fiesta or what we commonly call it, PASINAYA( April 29-May 1) There will be Bazaars,rides,booths, kalesa rides, a fun run, fashion shows, dance performances, and even some celebrities will come and perform.

Once again,I decided this year to join the group that will be performing a variety of dances that revolves around the theme, “CLASSIC”. It is a show that will showcase the talents of the community. Some did not even have formal dance training and are actually super good dancers. It was through the PASINAYA which they went out of their shells and shined. I am so blessed to be living in this community :D

It was  more than a month of late night practice,late night dinners(which was for free) and late night hang-outs with village friends.I wish I can do this again next year. If my schedule allows it,of course. 3rd year will surely be one big roller coaster ride.

I am no professional dancer nor I even see myself as a “REALLY REALLY  GOOD” dancer.But hey, I like the challenge ;) I LOVE PASINAYA!

I am certain we had the best performance ;D

You wouldn’t even expect that these dancers have kids. They definitely know how to dance sexy.

Check out their abs ;) haha! They were probably more vain than us girl.They kept on checking themselves out in the mirror. Unfortunately, the mirrors cracked :p

This little girl is absolutely adorable.To the highest level of cuteness. I just died after seeing her. 

The youth danced to the music of Katy Perry  and Lady Gaga.

It was all worth it :) the finale!

The “Bel-Air boys” who joined the fashion show. Did you know its cool to be a nerd? :P

PASINAYA after party ;) it was pass 12 but we were definitely not yet ready to go home

All photos are credited to Maia Marquez

I am definitely looking forward to a Pasinaya 2011-Part 2. Luckly, we do! On May 28, 2011 , Mayors around the Philippines will visit my awesome community and we will once again perform for them.

One Awesome day…

I took this :>

One awesome day, I went outside to take photos using my dad’s macro lens :) And here are the results :D Meet my dog Sparky!!!

 Mr. Loneley 

The Curious

Little Green

Back to Basics :)

It’s been a while since I was still regularly using my CANON DIGITAL CAMERA. I am just so caught up right now by the awesomeness of a DSLR—but its NIKON ;)

This is my Canon Digital Camera that I used to take these pictures below ;)



Today was a better sweet day, I tell you. A while ago, me and my blockmates just found out that PANA( Philippine Association National Advertisers) will be ealier this year.I am second year turning third year college and PANA is just one of the endeavors that me and my schoolmates need to face.PRESSURE!

What is PANA by the way?PANA is an event that is held every year for college student taking up communications to join,particularly Advertising student. Students nationwide are competing for the title of best campaign. Assumption has been very active ever since in this annual event and may I say, qualified and won several times already. Assumption has always been proud of their Advertising students for qualifying of even betting “the 3 big schools of the Philippines” (DO I NEED TO MENTION? ;D ). And for some unexplainable reason, BLOCK 2a1 has always been the representatives of AC. I am proud to be 2a1. It is our birth right to join and win.AIM FOR GOLD!

Anyways….me saying goodbye summer 2011 is true!Yes, you heard that right! I will be going to school for the whole summer to prepare for the competition.It will be more than a month of preparation.Say Hello to stress ones again.I guess you must really want it to get it—BE ON THE TOP

Though this competition really requires a lot of time and effort, I am really looking forward to taking part at this challenge.I am actually surprisingly excited. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! THIS WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE DOING IN THE FUTURE—almost for the rest of my life.

I will still continue to pray that somehow, a lot of  summer time can be spent with my friends and family. I would like to go scuba diving again! I would like to Hangout with my besties in our favorite mall! I like to do so much things! I just do not know where to start and when to do them.

I really believe that this will be OUR YEAR!I JUST KNOW IT! 

This is not the end.This is only the beginning.And it would be one awesome adventure :)



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This picture was photographed by my college friend Patricia Asejo and was post-edited by yours truly.

And here are the pictures that I took of my photographer Patricia Asejo

By the way, this was for a school requirement. I had my dramatic monologue for my classics finals today.We had to make a monologue of our chosen greek goddess. I acted as the jealous goddess Hera.I was so nervous when my name was called.But then, in the middle of the monoloque I started to loosen up. The truth is, my monologue somewhat became impromptu. I forgot my lines, and resorted to really exaggerate my emotions and thinking of what I will be saying on the spot. Thankfully, my professor liked it and gave me a good grade ;)

I am so happy! I can finally breathe.DONE,DONE,DONE!

My costume was totally improvised. I borrowed the night gown of my mother and just strapped a bronze ribbon around my waist.

I just love that golden leaf earring!Again,borrowed it from my mom.I love how its so greek mythology-ee




Right after going to my Advertising:strategy and planning class, me and my groupmates went to TRILOGY for an interview with VICKY HERRERA.Yes, Vicky Herrera the model,stylist, and THE editor of Status magazine.

(from right to left) Me, Claudine, Nicolette, Vicky Herrera, Patricia, Ly,and Bianca

Photo by Vicky Herrera’s Assistant stylist

It was actually my first time to visit their store. But yes, it was AMAZING I tell you.

Their store is so unique and so differentiated from other stores.Exactly what our professor in our Advertising class demands us to do.

Trilogy offers a lot to their costumers, such as fashionable Clothing, Accessories, books and of course food. The boutique was a clothing store/restaurant. 

We ate our lunch there :) 

Photo by Ruth Cancio

Photo by clickthecity

The assistant stylist of Vicky Herrara happens to be a friend of my groupmate :) LUCKY!

Photo by Ruth

Vicky Herrera looking through our questions. She was so nice, even willing to answer more questions from us even after the interview.It is really amusing to think that there are still very famous people out there who is still able to stay down-to-earth and humble ;) 

Photo by Ruth


 I hope we get a flat 1.0 in this project of ours! *fingers crossed*


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